Hostapd support

  • Mark Maestas

    Mark Maestas - 2007-10-05

    I have been trying to create a secure access point using the ipw2200 mini pci card.  I have been able to get the access point working with open system clients, however we need to have at least WEP.  I have been unable to find good information on this topic and have tried many different approaches but with no luck.  Has anyone used the ipw2200 as an access point with WEP or WPA?  I think the need for the hostapd user space authenticator is required, but it seems like the support is not available since the ethXap device does not seem to be created.  Hostapd fails when trying to get the ifr_index from eth2ap which in my case is the wifi device (eth2).  Any information would be helpful at this point I have been reading and trying different things for the last two weeks.  Thanks.

    • Dhinakaran K

      Dhinakaran K - 2008-05-27

      I have an Intel ipw-2200 Radio NIC over a linux(FC5 2.6.40) machine. I need to configure the linux box as an "AP". While compiling the ipw-2200-ap driver I get series compilation errors as listed here. Can someone help me in getting rid of those. Or any redirection will of great use.



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