Bryan Meade - 2008-10-04

i am trying to create a wireless access ping using kubuntu,  i have ipw2200, and a 2915 mini pci cards, or i have broadcom bcm4301 and bcm4306 mini pci cards at my disposal.  and a zydas 2122  usb adapter.  i have tryed all of these for just about a month now to enable master mode for my home made router project. 

I will give via paypal or will mail a check $30.00 for getting one of these cards up and running in master mode.

the ipw2200 looks the most promising,  but i cant get the ipw2200-ap to build,  it just erases everything in the folder when i run make. 

i would realy appreciate a step by step that will lead to the card working,  which i will gladly pay for.

i have tried and tried to self learn this via searches and the readme's but im just stumped and want a little spoon feeding, and im willing to pay for it.

please help