Need help updating MS DNS from IPPlan

M Sean
  • M Sean

    M Sean - 2006-01-12

    I have installed IPPlan using mysql on windows 2000. It works well but I have no idea how to get it to update the DNS. I read the documentation, but it's a bit vague. I think I need more of a "download this.., type this" type of instruction. Does anyone know of anything? NMAP isn't part of the microsoft world as far as I can tell. I don't really have anyone who can support a linux platform for me so I'm hosed if I can figure this out. Thanks in advance!

    • Richard Ellerbrock

      Good that you are using IPplan!

      As for DNS and Windows, I suspect that nobody has ever attempted an update to a Windows DNS server, thus there are no docs? Problem with Windows is that everything is behind some or other GUI or API. You cannot just send the DNS a plain text file formatted correctly and you are done. You need to write some or other application that talks to an API that updates the DNS. This is where things break down - with so called "ease of use", you loose flexibility.

      If you know how to update the DNS from the command line, we can work on generating output from IPplan in the correct format that the DNS server understands. IPplan generates output in XML format that can be transformed into any other format you like using a stylesheet. We just need to create the correct stylesheet and maybe a little script.

      As for NMAP, you can just go and download a copy of NMAP for Windows? This has nothing to do with DNS. NMAP is a tool to check and scan networks for host availability.

    • M Sean

      M Sean - 2006-01-16

      I suppose I could move the non-Micorosoft zones on to a linux or HP box. I suspect then I would have no problem using this tool for updates to the dns?

      • Richard Ellerbrock

        Correct. You will still need a couple of custom scripts to move the files around between boxes, process the xml files and activate the zones. There are some in the contrib directory included with IPplan.


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