Is there a way to run ipplan v4.86 on Apache2.2 with apache2-mpm-worker (multi-threaded) instead of apache2-mpm-prefork, which puts all the load on one CPU? When I'm running with prefork, CPU-intensive actions like showing the subnet tree will cause one CPU will spike and then grind at 100%, until eventually the work is done and the results are displayed. I have three other processors that stand by with some available CPU.

When I set up Apache2 on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS as threaded, I couldn't get ipplan authentication to work anymore. I'm using whatever the default built-in authentication is. Neither admin or a defined user would work. I also tried allowing read-only via config.php, but even after closing the browser and clearing the cache before attempting again (and restarting Apache), it still insisted on dialog boxes and blocking me out. I thought about setting up outside authentication, but I'm a little worried it's PHP not liking threaded, and will something not-so-obvious break that might be worse.

Or is there some other approach to getting the workload spread across multiple processors.

Thanks for a great program,