admin authentication + LDAP

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, I'm having the issue that after setting up LDAP authentication I can no longer use the admin user. How can I make ipplan accept LDAP users for "IPplan admin authentication" realm?

  • Fred Pohl

    Fred Pohl - 2011-04-25

    I´m having the same problem. DId you search this forum for posts regarding this problem? I´m gonna do that and let you know if I find something

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Same problem here, did any1 found a solution?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have implemented that with "AuthBasicProvider LDAP"

  • Vincent Magnin

    Vincent Magnin - 2011-10-21

    Dear Users,

    I've writen a patch to solve this issue:

    This is called Group Admin (based on IPPlan for IPv6) ->

    Then, you just have to put one(or many) users in a group called 'ADMIN' (or define any other name in your config file):

    INSERT INTO usergrp VALUES ('your userid', 'ADMIN');

    If you use an external Authentication like LDAP, do not forget to modify your config.php:

    define("AUTH_INTERNAL", FALSE);
    define("AUTH_EXTERNAL", TRUE);



  • Anonymous - 2012-01-22

    Dear Vincent,

    is there a manual how to install your patch?



  • Vincent Magnin

    Vincent Magnin - 2012-01-23

    Dear nkonrad,

    There is no manual: It's a patch.

    1. Download IP Plan V6 beta
    2. Create a user (SQL)  and create a group 'ADMIN'
    3. Add this user on group ADMIN
    2. Patch as usual ( 'man patch' if you do not know how to use this program)
    3. When you log in again, you will have admin rights with this user.

    PS: I've stopped using IPPlan


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