IPplan & Smarty

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there,

    I have seen in the code that IPPLan uses a faily non-standard templating engine. What I am interested in, is to see whether it is possible to replace the template / css engine with a true presentation layer in the form of smarty. In my humble opinion this is a good templating engine.

    Has anyone got ipplan running with smarty? Anyone interested in going for this together? I know that it might break the possible upgrade path if I would do it by myself.

    I am keen to hear from you guys!

  • Richard Ellerbrock

    Going to be very hard and a big task! Not sure why you say that it will break the upgrade path?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    If it becomes part of the core it shouldn't be breaking the upgrade path indeed :)

    hard and big task, I guess so yes but it could be a good addition to ipplan as smarty is a widly accepted templating engine.


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