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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've been using this solution for years, so i'm not a newbie.. but I'm stumped or at least confused.

    I'm running 4.92 on ubuntu with apache.  I've configured apache and iptrack for radius.   Radius authentication works fine for 'user stuff'.    When I try to log in as 'admin' to do user tasks (add users, etc) it seems to want a local admin account instead of using the radius server.  Is this normal?  So here's the catch - it acts like it wants the local account, but when I use it, it wont authenticate.  

    I'm a little confused at what parts of the app are auth via radius, what is using local credentials, etc.   I'm fighting "authorization failed" problems.


  • Richard Ellerbrock

    You are correct - external authentication is only for "user stuff", not admin functions. You need to be very careful where you place your .htaccess file. It must be in the /ipplan/user directory, not the ipplan root. See the ipplan faq at for more.


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