search all ranges in area?

Chris T
  • Chris T

    Chris T - 2006-02-23


    Is there a way to search all of the ranges in an  area for free space (using find free space) without specifically delineating the start/stop addresses? 

    I would like to be able to search for blocks of a certain size, but regardless of range that are valid for only the specified AS and area (via "all ranges" checkbox or config option). 


    • Richard Ellerbrock

      Sorry, this cannot work as the ranges in an area may not be contiguous making it very difficult to deal with the associated gaps between the ranges. Just too hard.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        This kind of makes find free space useless for service providers with multiple customers and ranges.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Excuse me, im a new customer of ipplan, and it's a bit difficult for me … can you explain what mean "area" and "range" ? What is there role ?

    Thanks …


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