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iptables-p2p 0.3.0a released

This is a bugfix only release.
It fixed iptables-save/iptables-restore, and compilation with kernels that have module versioning enabled.

Posted by Filipe Almeida 2004-03-07

iptables-p2p 0.3.0 released

iptables-0.3.0 has been released.
The changes are:
- Project name changed from ipt_p2p to iptables-p2p
- Moved project to sourceforge.net
- Removed iptables patch, only needs headers installed
- Added the ability to specify specific protocols to match
- FastTrack match updated for new version of FastTrack
- eDonkey match updated
- Added support for OpenFT
- Added support for Shareazza/Gnutella2 in the gnutella match
- Fixes in kernel 2.6 support

Posted by Filipe Almeida 2004-02-14