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Vision: Semantic Internet and IPSourcing, Internet becomes the knowledge

With the proliferation of networked devices, deployment, maintenance and scalability of the networks and also content distribution on Internet become a significant issue. End users recognize that Internet becomes more and more a content distribution system rather than a communication platform. In this project, we aim at developing Semantic Internet which addresses content-centric networking and M2M communication. We change the way Internet operates. The metadata of the content of the IPv6 packets and the capabilities of the device is inserted into the IPv6 options headers. Routers (machines) process packets and establish a semantic database. We call this concept as IP sourcing. Any unencrypted IPv6 packet enables populating the semantic database and Internet becomes a very large independent, distributed knowledge base. Any web search, tweet or communication may help Internet extend the knowledge base.

Posted by Ertan Onur 2011-11-20 Labels: Introduction