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#8 Why: "ignored.. no hash payload"


I'm trying to connect to a SonicWall router from
behind a nat-router and getting a strange response
during Phase-1 negotiations: "ignore information
because the message has no hash payload."

(Once, but only once, I got "incorrect hash," then I
changed-something and forgot-what-I-did.)

Can anyone give some high-level clues as to under
what conditions this message can occur?


  • Mike Robinson

    Mike Robinson - 2004-11-22

    Logged In: YES

    The root cause of this problem turned out to be that the
    host replied with "no proposal accepted" (or somesuch),
    even including a text string in that error! But the
    output from Racoon said nothing. How many hours it would
    have saved to have /seen/ it! It seems to me that no one
    seriously tested this stuff under _error_ conditions...

  • Mike Robinson

    Mike Robinson - 2005-05-12

    Logged In: YES

    I can maybe address my own question here, now. :) The
    problem turned out to be that I was talking to a client
    using XAUTH authorization, at a time when Racoon didn't
    support it. But the true cause of the problem was buried;
    it took debug-messages to piece it together.

    As a general comment, a message like this one can always
    use improvement. It says "what" the problem is, but only
    in the sense of, "the patient is dead because his heart's
    not beating." It is technically-correct but of no
    diagnostic value.

  • Mike Robinson

    Mike Robinson - 2005-05-12
    • status: open --> closed
  • Frédéric Senault

    Logged In: YES

    Take a look at the latest racoon (cvs version). Not only
    does it process the notification payloads, but it reports
    the messages sent by the peer in the logs too. Now, if
    the peer only sends a deletion payload without any
    information, wawan't say anymore than "he's dead,


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