Jalindar - 2014-06-12

Hi all ,

I found solution for my own questions by all by myself.
so here noting for others and for myself as a log.

Check configure.ac file --enable-natt-version=list .
list is given there as a default like "00,02.rfc" so you can see which are exists for selection.

About NAT-T configue error problem problem.

configure: error: NAT-T requested, but no kernel support! Aborting.

I was getting this error despite kernal has support for the NAT-T.

so I checked configure file and found bug.

Someone earlier also has raised this (YOU CAN CHECK OTHER ISSUES RAISED FOR THAT) bug so may be removed later on versions.
But for 0.6.6 this is there.

you can check for "kernel_natt" variable in configure and patch this line:

-#include < linux/pfkeyv2.h>
+#include <$KERNEL_INCLUDE/linux/pfkeyv2.h>

This will fix the problem for sure.

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