Thanks for that quick reply. I verified the log once again now.

I am using the command,
racoon -f /etc/racoon.conf.krb -d -l /etc/racoon.log

There are no Error messages. Only INFO messages are present. As Yuan mentioned, the log ends here.

I am not seeing ant core dump file :(  But the log file is ending there. Racoon is gettign killed in the machine from where I issue a ping. Could you please let me know if this is configuration issue ? I am able to make a psk based connection. Can anybody please help.

- Sandy.

On 12/6/05, VANHULLEBUS Yvan <vanhu@free.fr> wrote:
On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 07:07:50PM +0530, sandy s wrote:
> Hi all,


> I have upgraded the ipsec tools from 0.5-4 to 0.6.3 and DPD error seems to
> be fixed as I am not getting that error now.

In a previous mail, you pasted 'INFO' at the befinning of the log

I really guess this was NOT the reason of your error, and just the
last INFO/DEBUG message you saw in your log file.

Most important are not necessary the last ones, but the ERROR lines !

And it looks like you have no ERROR in your log, at least in the part
you sent us.

> But still I am unable to make
> an IPSec connection with Kerberos  as auth method.
> 1) I am having kerberos working properly in stand alone mode.
> 2) I am getting the TGT on one machine using.
>      kinit -k -t /etc/krb5.keytab host/linux.kerb.com@KERB.COM -V
> I am getting the TGT.
> 3) My racoon.conf file looks exactly same as "racoon.conf.sample-gssapi"
> file in the samples  folder.
> 4) Both peers are getting the GIi and GIr properly.
> I NOTICE THAT AFTER SOME 10 mins, racoon dies. I have verified by issuing
> command,
> ps -ef | grep racoon. The out put of this is nothing.
>  when this happens, If I ping, I get the error "ping: no such process" on
> the command prompt.
> 6) I have given the log file of the racoon out put when I do a ping.

> 2005-12-06 18:44:12: DEBUG: ===
> 2005-12-06 18:44:12: DEBUG: compute DH's private.
> 2005-12-06 18:44:12: DEBUG:
> 50699d9b 062b2888 692d6976 268ea08b 5a960b38 025eb721 b095de24 a8ac6481
> 777aa093 6744650e 5daf82ba 351eff91 66578259 27fc7784 c9f55aa6 50f5e6d4
> a16948cf 65bf44e8 68127bc6 f3af49fc 8d12542d 11fcff63 a4a0a755 2dbf45fe
> 657fc4c8 b35ec3aa 20410a05 d089a434 32568348 a5e60a78 d0337da8 fbc81bca
> 2005-12-06 18:44:12: DEBUG: compute DH's public.
> 2005-12-06 18:44:12: DEBUG:
> 49737b43 239503cb 3cdf9a82 ef03ff42 19c73126 681c0f62 7d839e66 6a147f18
> 598dd380 3d14b95a 6c4435f8 51f7d618 51e21823 9676dc35 eb24eda8 2b83a5a9
> 1801ded4 b753ed64 efcb57bf f21d6c53 8fd334b2 bc9e9a9e 51ad8bcc 83ed2cf0
> 833a5a96 636324d6 d3c53708 31bcf464 9781019d cc814be5 10c34a41 40082f81

If your log really ends here, and if your racoon seems to die, then
you found a racoon crash.

Now, it would be great if you could find the racoon.core and show us
at least the backtrace, to try to track down the problem.


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