Hi All,

This query is not related to my previous query (Title: SPMD internal error) to the mailing list.

I'm using racoon2 and my purpose is to create a IPv6 point-to-point connection using IPSec.
IPv6-IPSec combination is not working correctly. Please help me!

Please find below the important points about which i am sure:

- IPv4-IPSec combination is working correctly.
- IPv6 is working correctly without IPSec.
- Configuration files are absolutely correct.
- IPv6 is enabled in racoon2 build procedure.
- All required kernel modules are present.
- No error/warning in start up of spmd and iked.
- Hardware: i386 machine

Surprisingly with same settings and same kernel, the IPSec-IPv6 is working correctly in freescale boards.

I am short of ideas now. I don't understand that why IPv6 is not working.
Please help me !!!

- Is it so that we have to enable any special IPv6 proc variable?
- Is it so that the network card doesn't support IPv6-IPSec?

Kindly let me know in case of any issues.

Best Regards,



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