Thanks for answer.
  I am managed to work with two local socket connections. One is constantly opened and polling
for new events (ADMIN_SHOW_EVT) and the other one opened for sending command and closing as soon as command being sent.
Is it ok to use such approach? It's working but probably incorrect on architecture level.  

On 6 May 2013 18:46, Rainer Weikusat <> wrote:
Alexander Sbitnev <> writes:
>   Hello there!
>   I am looking into possibility of sending multiple commands through one
> admin connection. Is it possible?

Not easily because racoon is single-threaded and the 'admin protocol'
implementation is synchronous: It accepts a new connection on the
admin socket, reads a request, handles it, replies and closes the
connection. For as long as the daemon is handling the 'admin request',
it won't work on any of its more important 'other duties' such as 'IKE

> Is there any documentation on the protocol?

The admin.h file is as good as it gets in this respect.

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