Hi Ismail,

Thank you so much for your replay,  I will check what you said.

But i feel telling everyone what you say may get someone who have tried this way and it might have worked.

so it is always better to get everyone involved in the discussion, even though we are not sure of.

hope i am right.

Has anyone any other or more thinking about cross compiling ipsec-tools or tried what Ismail has said ?

I have cross compilied few libraries and applications like curl .. for my embedded board this ip-tools looks differnet with differnt make file.
I am quite newbiee in this make file filed as i was earlier pure windows user  :P


On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 5:44 PM, İsmail DOĞAN <ismail@ismaildogan.com.tr> wrote:

I'm not sure about my answer is correct. So this reason I want to write to you only.

As I know, the cross compiling is not needs any difference/changes on source code or the project like ipsectools. The cross compiling related only compiler platform. If you build your compiling platform properly, you can compile any source code with this compiler.

I think linux from scratch documents are really very beneficial resource. Also there is a part of LFS, that is Cross-Compiling Linux From Scratch called CLFS. http://cross-lfs.org/view/CLFS-2.0.0/

My Best Regards

2013/7/15 JALINDAR <jalindergat@gmail.com>
Hi  All,

I wan to cross compile all ipsec tools but i do not find any useful document with ipsec-tools-0.8.1 download.

Does anyone have idea how to do that ? or any helpful document.

Thanks in Advance

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