We have below setup :-

There are 2 tunnels created between end points A (of Node1)and B(of Node2).

A(Node1) has got 2 ip-addresses say, x and y

B(Node2) has got only 1 ip-address say, z

The tunnels are between A and B but tunnel1 's endponts are x and z. And tunnel2's endpoints are y and z.
At Node1, racoon.conf gets only one remote entry i.e. for z

remote z



, whereas the expected behaviour is to have two remote z {} sections because there are two different set of IKE phase1 parameters for the same remote.

Because of this racoon fails to establish proper proposals, and traffic fails.

We tried manually editing racoon.conf to have multiple remote z {} sections, each for the separate set of tunnels, but even there there are problems seen.
So, wanted to check if racoon really supports this kind of setup where we need to configure different IKE phase 1 parameters for same remote end point, i.e. having multilple remote z{} sections in racoon.conf?