Could some one please help in  understanding how should be the racoon.conf and psk.txt configuration for following tunnel scenario.

 Scenario: I have couple of  tunnels between 2 peers  each tunnel having their own  peer1 end  point but same peer2 end.

            Peer1                                Peer2
        A1 (<------------> B1(  (Tunnel 1) (PSK:Secret1)              -------------> both these tunnels have their own secrets. Secret1 and Secret2.

        A2 (<------------->B1(  (Tunnel 2) (PSK:Secret2)

Does this kind of scenario supported by racoon, what happens  if we initiate traffics from traffic selectors of both tunnels? Will negotiations succeed?

Please provide me if some example configurations exists for these kind of scenarios and it will be helpful.

Thanks & Regards,