I am very worried because I have seen that, like in Debian, in Ubuntu the /etc/ipsec-tools.conf, the /etc/racoon/racoon.conf  and these ones are not created. And I think that this is because I am doing anything bad.
As I told before, no error is seen during the compilation process. The -Werror has been removed in the Makefiles, the Flex and Bison are installed, Apparmor removed, SeLinux installed and rebooted the computer ... and at last I see that the compitation is finished without any error message, but the files are not created.
The steps I do are ... (being root in Ubuntu)
./configure (Must I add any sentences after configure as I have seen with previous ipsec-tools versions?)
After doing configure, remove the -Werror in every all the makefiles in the ipsec-tools folder and subfolders.
make install
I have searched in the forum and in the internet but I haven't found the solution
What I am doing bad? Is anywhere a guide about how to install it?