Does anyone know whether racoon ever supports using multiple server certificates on a server at the same time?

Here is what I was trying to set up:
1) Server X. It has two interfaces/addresses, IPx1 and IPx2.
2) Server Y. It has one interface/address, IPy.
3) The following IPSec links are needed: IPx1 <-> IPy and IPX2 <-> IPy
3) It has to use peer's IP address as identifier for phase 1 negotiation ("remote anonymous {}" in racoon.conf cannot be used)

I first created the following certificates/private keys using openssl:
1) Server X: cert_x1.pem (where subjectAltName=IPx1) and key_x1.pem; and cert_x2.pem (where subjectAltName = IPx2) and key_x2.pem

2) Server Y: cert_y.pem (where subjectAltName = IPy) and key_y.pem

I then configured the following in racoon.conf:
1) Server X:
remote IPy {
   certificate_type x509 "cert_x1.pem" "key_x1.pem";
   certificate_type x509 "cert_x2.pem" "key_x2.pem";
   peers_identifier address IPy;

2) Server Y:
remote IPx1 {
   certificate_type x509 "cert_y.pem" "key_y.pem";
   peers_identifier address IPx1;
remote IPx2 {
   certificate_type x509 "cert_y.pem" "key_y.pem";
   peers_identifier address IPx2;

With these settings, I could make the link IPx2 <-> IPy work. For the other link, I got the following error:
 no peer's CERT payload found.
 ERROR: ID mismatched with subjectAltName.

If I flip the order of the "certificate_type" in racoon.conf on Server X, I could make the link IPx1 <-> IPy work, but the other link got the same error.

I also tried many different variations in racoon.conf and but could not make it work.

Does anyone know how to configure racoon to make it work in this case?  Does anyone know whether racoon ever allows us to do so?