I am running ipsec-tools-0.7 on my Gentoo linux box  having Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac Os X clients.
I am not able to connect more than one Windows Vista client at a time.
I have about 20 road warriors connecting at the same time and they use a pre-shared key.

Logs of a Windows Vista client are available here:
Connecting (because it is the only Windows Vista client): http://www.villaaurora.it/download/racoon.log.vista.ok
Not able to connect (because there is another Windows Vista client connected): http://www.villaaurora.it/download/racoon.log.vista.ko

The logs of another client able to connect are available here: http://www.villaaurora.it/download/racoon.log.xp.ok

My config file are as follow:
racoon.conf: http://www.villaaurora.it/download/racoon.conf
setkey.conf: http://www.villaaurora.it/download/setkey.conf
psk.txt      file have the ip address and pre-shared key of each road warrior.

I noticed that a second Windows Vista client may connect also. This happens when the first Windows Vista client has been connected since at least one hour.

Thank you very much for you kind attention.

Stefano Pellegrini