#5 Racoon: Packets can be sent with wrong from address


If racoon is bound to a virtual interface (ie eth0:0), it can
send packets with the wrong source address.

It seems the problems lies within the sendfromto. For IPV4
it sets PKTINFO on the packet. In the packet info it sets
ipi_addr (to the source ip) and ifindex (to 0). The kernel
ignores ipi_addr though so the packet gets sent with the ip
address of the eth0 interface.

Since racoon seems to call bind() on its sockets, cutting out
the setting of the cmsg and pktinfo stuff fixes the problem.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Linux kernel - 2.2.x and up internally uses addresses bound
    to physical device.

    eth0:0 does NOT exist in kernel space.

    Betst thing to do would be to tell rcaoon to bind to a
    specific IP address

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    To clarify, racoon is bound to a specific ip address, the one that
    is used by eth0:0. It sends packets with a from ip address that
    corresponds to eth0.

    Given that racoon is version 0.2.4 and linux kernel is version
    2.6.2, and that we are talking ipv4:

    In the sendfromto function in racoon's sockmisc.c, lines 585 and
    586 set the ipi_addr and ifindex of the in_pktinfo. ipi_addr is set
    to from address, and ipi_ifindex is set to 0 (always).

    memcpy(&pi->ipi_addr, &src6.sin_addr,
    pi->ipi_ifindex = ifindex;

    In the ip_cmsg_send function in kernel's net/ipv4/ip_sockglue.c,
    lines 169 and 170 set the ipcm_cookie data. oif is set to the
    ipi_ifindex from in_pktinfo and addr is set to ipi_spec_dst.s_addr
    of of the in_pktinfo.

    ipc->oif = info->ipi_ifindex;
    ipc->addr = info->ipi_spec_dst.s_addr;

    So.. the from address that was set in the in_pktinfo by racoon
    gets ignored, but the if index isn't, and that is always 0.
    Assuming my greps of the kernel code for IP_PKTINFO turned up
    the relevant function of course ;-)

    Anyway, commenting out lines 575-587 of sockmisc.c solves the
    problems for me and packets are sent with a from address
    corresponding to the ip address of eth0:0.


  • Bart Robinson

    Bart Robinson - 2005-04-26

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    as far as i can tell this is fixed in versions 5.0 and
    newer. i was having problems using source-routing and
    moving to that version fixed it for me.

    sendfromto was changed to set the ipi_spec_dst member with the
    source address. setting ipi_addr was a bug (it is ignored
    on sends, only used for recvs).

    ipi_spec_dst is the way to set the source address on a
    per-datagram basis, overriding whatever was done with bind.
    this is why commenting it out also worked -- racoon binds
    to the right source address. the reason it failed with the
    previous code, setting ipi_addr, was that it was also
    setting ipi_spec_dst to zero, and effectively telling the
    kernel to ignore the previous (correct) bind setting, and to
    do a normal route lookup, in my case just using the default

  • Aidas Kasparas

    Aidas Kasparas - 2005-04-28
    • status: open --> closed
  • Aidas Kasparas

    Aidas Kasparas - 2005-04-28

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    Indeed, fixed on 2004-09-27


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