#12 Kernel modules not autoloaded


Racoon and/or setkey should load ah4/ah6 and esp4/esp6
as appropriate.


  • Aidas Kasparas

    Aidas Kasparas - 2004-03-05

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    Can you name some other program which does that?

    What is wrong if admin (or install script from packaged
    version) adjusts box's config that ah?/esp?/ipcomp? modules
    to be loaded on startup. And racoon/setkey just uses what is

    Do you know of some oficial policy which states that every
    program should load modules it requires? Please, point to it.

  • Aria Stewart

    Aria Stewart - 2004-03-05

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    Okay, then how about documenting this, which I discovered --
    in /etc/{modules,modprobe}.conf, put:

    alias xfrm-type-2-50 esp4
    alias xfrm-type-2-51 ah4
    alias xfrm-type-2-108 ipcomp
    alias xfrm-type-10-50 esp6
    alias xfrm-type-10-51 ah6
    alias xfrm-type-10-108 ipcomp6

    Also, changing the error message "No buffer space available"
    when the modules aren't loaded would be appropriate, because
    that's about the least intuitive error message I've seen.

    It's not that the program should load them, it's that they
    should get loaded. Most linux distros don't offer an easy
    way to load modules before services initialize -- which is
    reasonable, since hardware devices should get probed by
    hotplug and pure software modules should get loaded either
    by their scripts, programs or by modules.conf entries as
    appropriate like above.

  • Aidas Kasparas

    Aidas Kasparas - 2004-03-06

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    Re: "No buffer space available". This error is returned from
    kernel and up to now it was not possible for userspace to
    distinguish whether kernel really got no memory or it
    reports some other error.

    I wrote kernel patch to address this problem and submitted
    to linux-net mailing list. With that patch racoon/setkey
    will start reporting more informative errors even without
    recompilation. You could find submission at

    Re modules documentation - where exactly you expect them to
    be documented? man page? web? And these modules are in
    standard kernel. So shouldn't they be documented in kernel
    docs/ these lines included in the newest modules utils package?

  • Timo Teras

    Timo Teras - 2009-01-09

    Kernel module loading is not part of racoons job. Racoon uses PF_KEY API to register and linux kernel will autoload the modules it needs. It is users responsibility to configure module-tools properly.

  • Timo Teras

    Timo Teras - 2009-01-09
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