[I posted this on Help/Open Discussion then figured here would be a better place]

Hi All,

I downloaded the plugin example DLLs and went to msdn to have a look at how I can do some WMI queries and return that info as another column, however, my limited knowlegde of programming (especially c++) kind of leaves me all confused and with a bunch of errors and warnings in the compiler, when it actually did compile with no errors before I touch the code.

Can someone whip up an WMI query example, say for Win32_ComputerSystem and get the UserName property?

From that, I guess, we could change a few values, recompile, and presto.

Another thing that would be useful, is 'aggregate commands'; selecting a few alive (or dead) hosts, and passing the list of IPs, in a configurable format (prefix, separator, suffix) to a command that does functions on mulitple hosts at once.

Otherwise I love this program, especially in its simplicity and speed. I use it all the time as a network admin.