pick up the IP of the workgroup PC

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Why some of the live PC in the workgroup; with static ip cannot be detected in the ip scanner 2.21. It detected as dead.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It is highly possible that these PCs are running a personal firewall AND/OR disabled the ECHO and ICMP on theses machines which makes it impossible to detect on the net.

    • David

      David - 2006-12-12

      Check the Windows XP SP2 firewall settings on the PC's that you cannot see.


    • Darin

      Darin - 2007-03-25

      I routinely use this on the network at work. I find Win2k pro/server, win2k3, winxp, Linux and assorted network devices (Cisco, Cabletron, Dell, Printers, etc) I find both domain and workgroup machines.
      I've turned off ALL windows firewalls by GPO. If you're not seeing a machines Check both windows firewall and any firewall associated with a virus scanner (Norton/Symantec, Mcafee, Etc).
      My results were cross-checked using Retina Eye Discovery Scan . I was using straight IP scan (no ports) w/64 threads and a 3 sec timeout. At 128 threads on a dual 1.4Ghz 2k3 server and a 1 second Timeout I did miss a couple (3 or 4) out of ~800. I have about a 50/50 split dhcp and static IP's.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have the same Problem in my Workgroup.
      But The guys i don't see have no static ip.
      If i use the option "Scan dead hosts" i see the Hostname of them, but they are still dead. But the computers are online! Why don't i see them as alive?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i dunno mofo's I'm tryin to figure that one out myself


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