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iPodxTract 1.0 Available

iPodxTract 1.0 has been released. The main change is the speed; the search is a lot faster now, thanks to a change of the underlying MP3 libraries. The text search is now case insensitive.

Posted by Enrique Zamudio Lopez 2006-09-06

iPodxTract 0.9 available

This version is ready to use, I just need to add some GUI stuff to make it a little more informative of what it's doing, since the search can take a long time if the iPod's got a lot of songs.
This version parses MP3 and AAC song data, so it should be usable with any generation of iPod.

Posted by Enrique Zamudio Lopez 2004-04-23

Preliminary version available through CVS

The first version is now available through CVS. It can search MP3 files using its tags, and AAC files by filename only.
Special thanks to the JD3lib team (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jd3lib).

Posted by Enrique Zamudio Lopez 2004-04-22