Rum_or N,e_w,s*:
O-ncolo,gy M+e+d-. I+n,c_. (O-TC: O*NCO) a Can,cer T.+reatment Solutio +ns Gr*oup is s,a i d to h*a+v*e
experienc-e,d o-v,e r a 1000_% inc,reas e in revenu*e_s f_o r t+h+e fisca_l 3.r d qu+arter e-nding J'u'l.y_,
2+0.0 7 co*m_pared w i-t'h t+h+e prio'r y_e+a r wh.ile fis*cal fo'urth quart*er resu-lts f'o-r 2 0*0.7 a_r-e on
t rack to exce'ed t+h-i's yea*rís th.ird quar_ter results..
O+N'C O additional-'ly p+lans to incre,as*e s,ervice of,fer*ings whi'ch a.r'e curre.ntl*y under. way.
Don*ít w a i t f_o*r t'h'e n e+w+s to c o-m.e o u*t a_n-d l'o-s*e t'h-e opportu-n*ity to g e.t in f'ront of the
gen*eral i.nves_ting publ.ic. Oncolo'-gy M.e+d is in a multibi,_llion d*ollar indus_t*ry w'h.e_r,e
t+h,e y a-r-e ga ining mar_ket sha*re ra.pidly.
C,a-l l y-o-u+r bro_ker n_o'w f*o*r O,N,C,O_.