#54 override genre / Production notes integration


Thanks for putting together and improving ipodder! It

Couple suggestions:

1) Please override the "genre" of any podcast that
comes via ipodder to "podcast". Some folks choose that
genre now, some do not. Creators have the right to set
their own genre, of course, but, as a user, I know that
you can waste a lot of time trying to track down a new
podcast on your iPod. If you don't know the exact file
name (people change this from week to week) the only
time-saver is to browse via genre. Would make things

2) Please add a search function to the ipodder
directory. I listen to Adam's 'cast on a regular basis
and often enjoy the segments he plays from other folks'
podcasts. It would be very cool if there was a way to
plug the names of the featured podcasts he mentions
directly into ipodder, rather than hunt for them among
the folders or Google.


  • sjr1980

    sjr1980 - 2004-12-04

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    I second the motion to override the genre. It would make
    things much easier.

  • PJ Cabrera

    PJ Cabrera - 2004-12-05

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    Hi guys,

    iPodder 1.1 already sets an attribute called "Grouping" to
    "podcast" on iTunes (not sure about Windows Media Player, as
    I don't use it.)

    You could create a smartplaylist in iTunes that contains all
    your podcasts in most-recent order, and sync that to your
    iPod. No more searching for the latest podcasts among your
    music files and old podcasts.

    As for searching for Adam's "picks of the day", we are
    working to integrate his OPML production notes into iPodder.
    I'm not sure when that feature is actually going in, it's
    still under development.

  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-01-02
    • summary: override genre --> override genre / Production notes integration

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