#142 Paypal button


Hi. I love Ipodder, and I've encouraged several people to
stop using other aggregators and switch to you -- and so
far, no one's complained, so you've got a group of
converts here.

I'm not sure if I'm phrasing this properly, so please bear
with me. I plan to start a for-pay podcast in the not-too-
distant future, and I was wondering if it was possible for
iPodder to have Paypal or a similar feature that
would "unlock" premium content once it's been paid for.

Not only would the feature help people like me, but it
could also be used for much-needed donations to the
Lemon team.

This seems like it would be the easiest way for my
subscribers to make their payments, and for me to
collect. If someone decided not to pay for that particular
episode, they could just delete the file from their

I'd much prefer to give subscribers the option at the point
of purchase -- as iPodder downloads the file to their
computer -- instead of having them go to my site, click
on the "buy" button, and THEN getting the file. It's the
ease of the transaction I'm looking for.

I hope this doesn't sound too ridiculous, and if it's
feasible, I'd gladly pay for it, along the lines of what
you're doing with the branded and pre-loaded builds
you're now offering.

Thanks so much for your time.


Bruce Simon


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