#140 A new program...


I think you have a great piece of software that is going to need re-
definition now iTunes is going to take on podcasts.

I'm pretty sure iTunes will be selective about what it lists but I'm
sure you'll be able to add podcasts of your choice to it. I don't
think you can rely on your flexibility over content to keep the
software valid.

Well as a long term radio listener... it seems to me that you folks
have the beginnings of an online alternative to the new satellite
radio offerings. That is something you might consider looking at,
providing a method of scheduling a weeks podcasts over the net.
That way you would pull away from iTunes and do something it
can't do. If you combined your existing ease of ability to choose
and download podcasts with a new front end that was based on
scheduling you might have something interesting.

A weekly calendar of online 'radio'. Some planned stuff users
could choose, some regular stuff they always get, and some
surprises based on parameters set in prefs.

I would love to choose my daily calendar, first the Inside Mac
Radio daily news, followed by whoever, followed by my once a
week TWIT broadcast, followed by something unusual I would
never have chosen but you guys rate. A podcast random if you

The downloading happens in the background, I don't update it
manually, I interact with a calendar. I could download and sync
with a palm or iPod. Or I can start downloading your weeks radio
and start listening as soon as possible.

But I just have iPodderX in my startup items, as soon as I start up,
it checks the date, starts the 'radio' and goes about downloading
the remainder of the day (if it hadn't already) or checking if this
week's Maccast had become available, all in the background. Only
notifying me if there's a problem. Radios are kind of simple, turn
em on and listen.



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