#135 [feature req.] support for opml feeds

ln -s

I've been watching the podcast scene for a while now and one thing
that was like a recurring theme was that people like to do different
kinds of shows.
There have been two different routes I observed if somebody wants to
put out different shows, one is to "hijack" the feed for something
completely different, like adam curry does, when he puts out the
Patricia Pie Podcast through his daily sourcecode feed. the other
extreme is the dragon page (dragonpage.com) where there are all
kinds of different feeds, one mega-feed and a few seperate ones.
Wouldn't it be easier if one could subscribe to an opml file which
would not only contain the links to different show formats, but also,
for example, contain a link if the show has changed it's url?
If I read the info on opml.org correctly I could even differentiate
between the default shows I want the reader to subscribe to by
default (for example if I marked these feeds as as "expanded") and
for example a "welcome message" and my other very special
interest show on hommingberger gepardenforellen I think not
everybody might be interested in.
Yes I think it's different from the "import opml" option, since the opml
is then not updated regularly and also the "podcast directory" since
it doesn't take into account the source you have already shown
interest in.
So I just have to cutnpaste one .opml url instead of many rss urls
and get automatic updates if a new feed is available from the site,
so I won't even have to visit there (and they don't have to beg "please
go to our site and subscribe to our new feed" since I already saw
that) and can do the rss feed management all in the comfort of my
ipodder lemon.
Anyway, thx for listening, keep up the great work guys/girls.


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