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#118 One playlist insted of a playlist per feed


'm on OSX, and created a folder in iTunes called _Podcast.
I'm directing all of my podcasts to this folder.
My ultimate goal is to grab my iPod off of the dock in
the morning,
Jump in my car and with a minimum of button pressing
listen to the
Newest content.

My shows don't download to the _Podcast folder ?
They download to Adam Curry folder etc etc.
It's too difficult to drive and search through many folders
Just to listen to the newest podcasts.

Am I overlooking something totally obvious ? I'd
really like to mimic the
'Library' in iTunes and sort by Date Added, or as
mentioned above have every
New show download into the _Podcast folder and sort by
Date Added.


  • Gavin Treadgold

    Gavin Treadgold - 2005-05-04

    Logged In: YES

    I agree. It would be great to have a preference in iPodder
    to force all podcasts to be assigned to one playlist, which
    by default could be called PodCasts. I don't want to sign up
    to a number of different podcast's and end up with a
    playlist for each (although that should be an option also in
    preferences). Current each feed gets it's own playlist which
    gets messy and pollutes my playlists.

  • Ernesto Bricca

    Ernesto Bricca - 2005-05-25

    Logged In: YES

    well you can even now change the py file to do the stuff you
    want .. (i think you would have to remove the players.pyc file additionally
    to let it recompile afterwards) ..

    a more general suggestion i made about is here:

    altough a turn on option like "default add to this playlist:"
    player>itunesOptions would additionally be suitable

    i like the subdirectorys that are generated automatically as they help to
    distinct between the podcasts and help prevent collitions - give a rough
    impression on the space being taken up, allow the cleanup to work - and
    would allow easy manual reordering.


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