#117 Bandwidth throttling


I just downloaded iPodder to check it out, and it looks
like a pretty good bit of software. I'm not heavily
into listening to podcasts yet, so I'm probably not the
right person to give it a proper thrashing, but I have
noticed one option that is missing, and would be very
beneficial to have. Bandwidth throttling!

Given that this is an application whose main goal is to
operate unobtrusively in the background, the fact that
it can choke your connection to the rest of the world
is a bit of a downer, and stops it from doing it's work
without being noticed. It's nota reason to stop using
the software, but it does mean that depending on when
you do your downloading, you definitely need to be
aware of the fact that the software is running, and
what it is doing.

Just a suggestion, but I (and I'm sure others) would
like to see it implemented if possible.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have the programme and love how it allows me to hear a
    world of "radio" i would not have heard any other way baring
    a relative sending me an audio cassette recorded off the air.

    thank you for the software

    I must agree with this topic, i find that ipodder uses all
    my bandwidth and this is frustrating when you are trying to
    read e-mail or visit infomational web sites. Please, some
    sort of throttle would be very nice.

  • David Parvin

    David Parvin - 2005-05-06

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    Yes, please. I download a lot of items and my wife
    complains that she can't get to the internet or get her mail
    when I have it running. I would rather have it take longer
    to download then keep me from getting to other parts of the
    internet while I am downloading.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Ditto. Especially for those of us stuck on dialup.


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