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Vcard translator for ipod-on-linux available

ipod-on-linux just released a Palm PDB to vcard translator for the iPod version 0.1. It is still beta software.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-11-04

First release of winpod available

The first release of winpod is available by the ipod-on-linux group. The package will convert a Mac HFS+ iPod to a Fat32 iPod that can be easily manipulated by Linux.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-27

First release of Firmware Upgrader available

The first release ever of a Linux/Unix iPod firmware upgrader is available from the iPod-on-linux project. Please feel free to download it and test it. Any and all comments welcome.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-22

iPod-on-Linux releases their first package

The backup_iPod package is now released for testing. The software allows you to byte for byte backup/restore an iPod in case of data corruption in the future.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-17

Firmware Upgrader for Linux almost ready

A port of the iPod firmware upgrader for Windows is almost ready to be released for Linux use. Check back within a week to see if it is ready.

Posted by Grant Jones 2002-06-29