Dual Booting!

  • Marten van Wezel

    Well, Subject Says It All.. I enjoy the discussion about running linux on my ipod, but the only use I would personally have for it is doing things like:

    -Creating a playlist on the go (for older ipod owners like me who are victim of apple's policy not to upgrade older ipods anymore)
    -Playing ogg's

    .. and a few other things, perhaps. But to have to ditch the excellent apple interface permanently... I dont think I can live with that. IMHO that interface is pretty much perfect and to have to sortof use some linux alternative doesn't sound too great to me.

    (nothing against linux but is there any ipod-linux app that rivals the native ipod player software on usability? I doubt it)

    Anyway back to my subject.. if somehow I could use BOTH on the same ipod, i.e. switch as often as I wish, while on the road.. now THAT would be interesting. Best of both worlds etc. Is that at all possible?

    (hah.. ipod-vmware!)

    • Grant Jones

      Grant Jones - 2003-06-27

      See my other comment I made (what about linux on ipod)... It would certainly be possible and favorable to write an app that you are describing. [I personally think that is what the other group should be focusing on, this ipod-on-linux groups gets confused as being a OS for the iPod when really we originally set out to just get the iPod working on the Linux OS]



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