Guipod version 0.1

  • Chandan Kudige

    Chandan Kudige - 2002-10-14

    Hi Folks,

    I apologise if this posting is inappropriate here, but I just finished releasing the first version of Guipod - a graphical Qt based GUI for managing songs, playlists, etc for iPod on linux.

    I noticed that ipod-on-linux group is planning gui front-end too, and I was wondering if we could co-ordinate these two projects ?

    Probably we can merge feature-sets of both projects to provide a very powerful MP3 song management platform. Eventually this can manage many other players other than just the iPod.

    Do drop me a note if anyone is interested. Guipod project can be accessed at

    • Anonymous - 2002-10-14

      I am actually very interested in joining forces....The only catch is that our code is in C and yours in perl... Can you port your GUI to C?

      Actually there were two people who were able to code GUI's and they both now I am left without GUI's...Plus most of our members are back in college and haven't been able to put time in to help code.... Maybe this might be what we need to finish this up :)


    • Chandan Kudige

      Chandan Kudige - 2002-10-14

      Cool! And actually my code is all in C++ (using Qt lib). I use only 3 gnupod perl scripts as backend, not for GUI and I am planning to do this in C++ too.
      I have all the song, playlist mgmt, retagging, repairing etc in C++ already.

      I think the first step is to identify all the _cool_ features we can implement.

      And there is no fear of me disappearing back to school anytime soon ;)

      • Anonymous - 2002-10-14

        OK C++ is good. We can work with that.... I personally have never mixed C++ with C before, so this will be fun.

        I have already all the iTunesDB code written (by hjelmn) in the iTunesDB2 subdirectory of the CVS tree. We have a way to convert a MAC iPod to Linux compatable (a winpod), and as a result the plan is to treat the iPod like a standard msdos filesystem...much easier... I am working on producing an interface to the GUI that will be available as a .a library. Then all the GUI has to do is link to the library (and the others that are needed.... libid3, glib, iTunesDB, etc... ) and it should work...

        So since you have a GUI, for the first version all we need to do is to finish the interface level and merge it with the GUI... Then once that is complete we add all the bells and whistles...

        So, I guess the next step is to take a look at out CVS tree and see what has to be done to merge the code.

        Yeah.... a non-college student...


    • Chandan Kudige

      Chandan Kudige - 2002-10-15

      Do I need permissions for cvs? I tried with my login and it said permission denied!

      • Anonymous - 2002-10-15

        Try this:

        cvs login

        cvs -z3 co modulename

        I'll add you as a developer when we are ready to insert code into CVS


    • melhergui

      melhergui - 2005-09-23

      i would like to help. I develop GUI interfaces in QT too. And im wanting to prog some ipod stuff. May i help?


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