where to send patches ?

  • Bastien Nocera

    Bastien Nocera - 2002-11-22


    I've started (some time ago already) working on some patches to the ipod-on-linux libraries. I was wondering where I was supposed to send in my patches for them (using glib2, some more high-level API calls, etc.).

    I want to try to remove the hard-coded dependency on libmad, and add the missing API calls to make it usable to write a gnome-vfs method for the iPod.

    • Anonymous - 2002-11-25

      You can submit them to the patches tracker. Unfortunately the project has taken a back seat for a while... Hopefully we'll get thing going again soon.


    • Justin Davies

      Justin Davies - 2003-05-03


      How far have you got with the vfs method for the ipod.?


      • Bastien Nocera

        Bastien Nocera - 2003-05-03

        Well, it reads but still doesn't write. I have test programs however. You can check everything out under the module qahog in the GNOME CVS.


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