Play Counts format?

  • Vincent Q. Vu

    Vincent Q. Vu - 2003-04-30

    The new 1.30 firmware appears to finally allow FAT32 formatted iPods to update the  "iPod_Control/iTunes/Play Count" file.  Is there any information on the format of this file?  I assume the same file is used on the HPFS+ iPods.

    • Axel Wernicke

      Axel Wernicke - 2003-04-30

      I've seen that feature just for short period (before switching my iPod to FAT) and the file file format was somewhat "special" but there is knowledge to use that piece of information as soon as it is available for FAT formatted iPods !!

      Did anybody see 1.30 for the WinniePod yet ??



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