Wine and Macopener + EphPod?

  • Anonymous - 2002-09-30

    I read in the documentation for winpod that people had been running EphPod and Macopener wine.  I have no problems with installing the programs under wine.  However, it is not clear to me how to do the configuration so wine sees the scsi-disk.  Does anybody have a more precise reference?



    • Anonymous - 2002-09-30

      winpod converts your Mac ipod to a "Windows" one.
      The Windows ipod uses FAT32 which Linux has support for (No Macopener needed) . I personally use EphPod in Wine. Just mount the ipod somewhere and configure wine to map that directory as a drive and your good to go.


    • Anonymous - 2002-09-30

      Thanks for the reply, I am aware of that option and I'm seriously considering followiing that path since ephpod since so much mature than using xtunes with the ipod-plugin..

      My only hesitation is whether reformating it to a Windows iPod prevents me from connecting with Macs.    If so keeping it as a Mac version allows the maximal flexibility (provided that I could get MacOpener to work with Wine under Linux)

      • Anonymous - 2002-09-30

        If the goal is to use Linux for your iPoding, then I would seriously go with Wine and Ephpod. For right now that is the best solution out there (or most popular). BTW...I have not tried this yet...I am waiting until iPod-on-linux comes up with a solution.

        Pretty soon we'll release a GUI for the iPod that will allow you to do the same thing. It is a little bit off however, but hopefully will be finished soon.



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