pitcheable MP3 player for ipod?

  • olafmol

    olafmol - 2003-02-10


    very interesting development! can anyone tell me if it would be possible to install (or develop) an MP3 player with a decent decoder (like MAD) that can pitched the audio playback? that would be amazing for DJ-use....f.e. use the wheel to do realtime pitchbending like a turntable platter/ cd jogwheel and use the back/fwd buttons to increase/decrease the pitch of the "virtual pitchslider"..


    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-02-27

      Im guessing that this could be an attainable goal for the Ipod Linux project (http://ipodlinux.sourceforge.net/).
      I dont think apple have released any specification for their ipod firmware, so afaik, writing 3rd party programs would be impossible.
      So far, the ipod linux team have got mp3 decoding at 99% realtime and ogg decoding at 80% realtime. However, because the ipod doesnt have an fpu, all decoders must be integer based (im not sure if MAD is).

      I too would love to see the ipod being used as a dj tool - i cant afford cd decks, so i would make great use of this!

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-02-27

      oh, and u could even use the center button to set Cue points!


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