ipmiutil-2.8.8 is released

The ipmiutil-2.8.8 bundle is released to sourceforge.
See http://ipmiutil.sf.net for binaries, docs, etc.
The main changes were to include Win x64 pre-built binaries, and some cleanups for SuperMicro.

02/05/2013 ARCress ipmiutil-2.8.8 changes
util/ihealth.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX, product X8SIU
util/ilan.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX
util/iconfig.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX
util/iserial.c - caveats for VENDOR_SUPERMICROX
util/isensor.c - caveat if sensor reading not present
util/oem_supermicro.c - added Power Supply sensor status
util/isel.c - show record id if compcode = 0xcb
util/ireset.c - added EFI compile flags
util/ievents.c - handle fake SMS_OS threshold events
util/ipmiutil64.mak - NEW, for Win x64 builds
lan/lanplus/lanplus.c - remove asserts
lan/lanplus/lanplus_crypt.c - x64 HMAC tweaks and remove asserts
lan/lanplus/lanplus_crypt_impl.c - handle x64 types in lanplus_HMAC
doc/UserGuide - add 'Run as administrator' note in 5.1 Win Install
buildwin.cmd - detect if VC is Win x64 and use ipmiutil64.mak
test/unittest.cmd - NEW, ipmiutil unit test for Windows
ipmiutil-2.8.8 contains:
ipmiutil (ipmiutil) ver 2.88

Posted by Andy Cress 2013-02-07

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