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  • ramkrishna

    ramkrishna - 2012-08-10

    Hi ,

    I want to develop an IPMI tool using KCS interface on windows Code Red Integrated Development Environment using MinGw GCC compiler. So far i have downloaded a source code from the link below


    What i want to know is on what platform is this code developed??
    Can i develop the same code on Code Red IDE using MinGw GCC Complier??

    Please help me as i have only windows platform to work on. Also i tried downloading from intel website but it doesn't come under GPL(General Purpose License) so i cannot work it. Please help

  • Andy Cress

    Andy Cress - 2012-08-10

    With regard to the sf.net/projects/bmc-driver/, this appears to have been written for an IBM platform since it refers to H8 also.
    The code seems to be written for DOS, not Windows, and is only Alpha, so not fully complete (has slave address parameter, but not bus, or register spacing).  For more details about it you would need to contact the author.

    If you want to run on Windows, there are two drivers that are available for any given platform, one from Microsoft (ipmidrv.sys) in Windows 2003 R2 and later, and one from Intel (imbdrv.sys) which will run on any Windows version (see http://ipmiutil.sourceforge.net/kern/imbdrv130.zip for a cached copy of the Intel driver.  None of the Windows IPMI drivers are open-source. 

    If you want to run on Linux, there are several drivers (openipmi, Intel imb, etc.), but the openipmi driver comes with most Linux kernels and should be what you use.  See https://sourceforge.net/projects/openipmi/ for that code.  The openipmi driver is GPL (GNU Public License), but only runs in Linux. 

    In either Windows or Linux, you can use ipmiutil to develop an application to do what you want, using KCS, SSIF, or IPMI LAN interfaces.   The ipmiutil code also includes a direct/driverless interface for Linux (Windows does not support that).
    You can see the Windows binaries at http://ipmiutil.sf.net and  the latest ipmiutil source code from the tarball at http://ipmiutil.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/ipmiutil/trunk/?view=tar and view the ipmi_sample.c source for an example of how to get started.  There is a UserGuide included.  The ipmiutil project is open-source with the BSD license, and ipmiutil is also included in Fedora and openSuSE Linux distros. 

    The ipmiutil library (ipmiutil.lib) was built with Visual Studio, but your application can be built with whichever compiler you wish.  The ipmiutil library provides the basic routines to access the drivers or IPMI LAN interfaces, as needed by invoking the ipmi_cmdraw() routine. 


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