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iplist-0.28 released !

See changelog for details

Posted by uljanow 2010-03-11

Anonymous postings closed due to spam


Posted by uljanow 2010-03-02

iplist-0.27 released !

See changelog for details

Posted by uljanow 2009-10-11

Fedora 11 repository added

Posted by uljanow 2009-06-17

iplist-0.26 released !

* release (0.26)
* fixed broken LESS_MEMORY option
* fixed regex bug (2683790) due to latest grep 2.5.4
* fixed if-up script warning due to exit code
* fixed autostart bug in ubuntu jaunty
* added theme option to GUI
* improved kde support
* added generic su-to-root wrapper to ipblock
* removed dependencies on desktop-environments

Posted by uljanow 2009-05-01

iplist-0.25 released!

* release (0.25)
* fixed gzip error message
* moved icon to /usr/share/pixmaps/
* removed "-u root" parameter in desktop file
* added gentoo init script
* fixed linux mint menu starter issue
* fixed OpenSuse 11.1 rpm-lint errors
* fixed format of range names in logfile
* added if-up script (Debian)
* fixed GUI problem in Arch Linux
* whitelisted ranges allow incoming traffic (default setting)
* added -p option to restart iplist only (used by ipblock.cron)
* removed update IP ranges in allow.p2p due to default http whitelist... read more

Posted by uljanow 2009-02-19

iplist-0.24 released !

since today the download section at sourceforge.net only contains
packages that are not available from the new software repositories
(Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuSE). How to get the latest version using
repositories is described at
http://iplist.sourceforge.net/download.html .

The new version in the repositories is labed 0.24-0ubuntu3 and 0.24-21.1
(Fedora and OpenSuSE), respectively.

The short description of this release would be that it has an
easy-to-use whitelist manager. ... read more

Posted by uljanow 2008-11-30

New Fedora Repository

Posted by uljanow 2008-11-13

New Ubuntu Repository (Intrepid, PPA)

Posted by uljanow 2008-11-07

Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 packages available


Posted by uljanow 2008-10-24

Changed lists to IPL format to improve performance

With the binary IPL format it takes significantly less time to load lists. The list can be converted back to p2p format:
$ iplist -O p2p -o outputlist.p2p.gz inputlist.gz

Posted by uljanow 2008-10-23

Mandriva Linux 2009 packages available


Posted by uljanow 2008-10-16

iplist-0.23 released (incl. new GUI)

Posted by uljanow 2008-10-14

iplist-0.22 released !


* release (0.22)
* added BLOCK_TARGET_* options and set the default action for incoming blocked packets to DROP
* modified GUI log entries
* fixed new GUI logging bug

Posted by uljanow 2008-10-02

iplist-0.21 released !

* release (0.21)
* added BLOCK_LIST_*, ALLOW_LIST_* and
* modified GUI to show the last 12 log entries
* allow lists can optionally be compressed with gzip
* extendet LOG_IPTABLES feature to show allowed packets
* Update messages are appended to logfile
* added Update dialog for adding lists from URL
* default allow list is only valid in the output chain
* added more countries (e.g. russia, india)
* improved GUI cleanup

Posted by uljanow 2008-09-14

iplist-0.2 released !

* release (0.20)
* fixed gcc-4.3 compiling issues
* added menu starter for fedora
* moved README.lists to /etc/ipblock.lists
* added import URL feature in GUI
* added OpenSuSE 11 support

Posted by uljanow 2008-07-29

Fedora Core 9 packages available


Posted by uljanow 2008-05-18

Ubuntu Hardy packages available


Posted by uljanow 2008-02-24

iplist-0.19 released!

Posted by uljanow 2008-01-24

Security flaw in default configuration (<= 0.18)

There is a security flaw with the default configuration. ALLOW_LIST is
set to allow.p2p which accept incoming and outgoing connections from
private IP address ranges as destination addresses:

# Private IP addresses
IANA Private : -
IANA Private : -
IANA Private : -

So everyone could connect (in the INPUT chain) if you have such an IP
address. It's best to remove allow.p2p from the ALLOW_LIST option. This will be changed in the next version.

Posted by uljanow 2008-01-24

iplist-0.18 released!

see changelog for details

Posted by uljanow 2007-12-28

iplist-0.17 released!

see changelog for details

Posted by uljanow 2007-12-22

iplist-0.16 released!

see changelog for more details

Posted by uljanow 2007-12-09

iplist-0.15.1 released

bufix release

Posted by uljanow 2007-10-11

iplist-0.15 released!

See changelog for details

Posted by uljanow 2007-08-29

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