IPList fails when internet connection reset

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have discovered that IPList (0.26 on Hardy) fails if the internet connection is reset.

    I am using FireStarter and even if I untick all the boxes under FireWall > StartUp and Persistence I get the same problem.

    I have IPList blocking only one port which uTorrent uses under WINE. I have loaded a blocklist into uTorrent and whenever my internet connection goes down (eg. reset router) IPBlock stops logging blocked addresses and uTorrent starts.

    This can be solved by a simple restart of IPList but surely this is not how it's meant to work ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Anyone ?

  • uljanow

    uljanow - 2010-02-25

    That problem is fixed in intrepid, karmic and lucid. If you still use hardy, try the following:

    sudo echo "#!/bin/sh \n/usr/sbin/ipblock -i || true" > /etc/network/if-up.d/ipblock
    sudo chmod 755 /etc/network/if-up.d/ipblock

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Ok, thanks I'll give it a go although I'm now on holiday so I'll have to ssh when me lady's not looking. Will this be a permanent fix or does that line need applying at every boot ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The fix is permanent .

  • DiQ

    DiQ - 2010-04-16

    sudo echo "#!/bin/sh \n/usr/sbin/ipblock -i || true" > /etc/network/if-up.d/ipblock

    gives me

    bash: !/bin/sh: event not found

    Plz advise


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