iPhoney for Windows

  • ryPhone

    ryPhone - 2007-06-30

    Are you working on an iPhoney for Windows?

    • M. Onyschuk

      M. Onyschuk - 2007-07-02

      Marketcircle isn't, no. The engineering effort required would be too great since a lot of the "meat and potatoes" functionality of iPhoney is provided by the Apple kits - WebKit, AppKit, and QuartzCompositor.

      iPhoney clocks in at around 2000 lines of code which really just represent "glue" between the various pre-fab components Apple provides. A Windows version of the same code would require us to recreate a good deal of what Apple provides - rendering the whole thing not much of an off-hours project any more.

      That said, perhaps someone somewhere is working on just such a thing. We'll provide a pointer if such a thing surfaces, I'm sure.


    • MarcPom

      MarcPom - 2007-12-20


      Now with Safari 3 version beta for windows, it's not possible to do an iPhoney for windows easily ?

      Best regards,

  • Leon David

    Leon David - 2011-08-03

    How to install iphoney?

    I downloaded but I don't have instructions in the zip file in how to install it. Anybody can help me?


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