jerminator4427 - 2013-01-07


I am having a issue with Jperf and Iperf.

The strange thing is: when I want to test a port that is TCP, it will not work. If I test it with UDP, It will work.
As you can see TFTP is UDP, but if I test it with UDP it will not work. It will only work with TCP.

Poortnumber Protocol                              UDP                  TCP
21                         FTP                                                                     x
22                         SSH/SCP                                                     x
23                         Telnet                                                             x
25                         Mail                                                                     x
69                         TFTP                                         x
80                         HTTP                                                             x
143                         IMAP                                                             x
443                         HTTPS                                                             x
992                         Telnet over TLS/SSL                 x                     x
993                         IMAP over TLS/SSL                 x                     x
3389                 RDP                                         x                     x
5001                 Iperf                                                             x

Please help,

Thank you.