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Iperf / News: Recent posts

Iperf 2.0.4 Released

Iperf 2.0.4 addresses one major and several minor issues with Iperf.

The bugs fixed were:

* Iperf should no longer consume gratuitous CPU under Linux
* The help messages have been expanded to include previously undocumented options
* The header for stats report was missing and has been replaced.

New in Iperf 2.0.4:

* Under Linux you can select the TCP congestion algorithm by using the -Z (--linux-congestion) flag
* Iperf has a minimal man page!... read more

Posted by Jon Dugan 2008-04-08

JPerf 2.0.0 Released

Nicolas Richasse has resurrected the jperf code base and brought it up to date. This is a binary
distribution that includes the requisite jar files as well as a Bourne shell script and a batch file to run jperf.

Many thanks Nicolas!

Posted by Jon Dugan 2008-03-20

Iperf 2.0.3 released

Iperf 2.0.3 addresses several issues with Iperf. This release is a bug fix release and does not add any significant new functionality.

Bugs fixed in 2.0.3:

* Compilation issues on several platforms, notably Mac OS X and Solaris
* Excessive usage of CPU due to updating stats for every TCP packet received
* several minor nits, see the ChangeLog for details.

These changes come primarily from user patches and have only been lightly tested. Special thanks to Andrew Gallatin for his work on making the current threading model better.... read more

Posted by Jon Dugan 2008-03-19