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I have a requirement to push custom routes to specific openvpn clients.

With IPCop 1.4 and Zerina this was easily accomplished with the appropriate file in /var/ipcop/openvpn/ccd

But since upgrading to IPCop 2 (currently running 2.06) this hasnt been as straight forward.

I have got this working by adding
"client-config-dir /var/ipcop/openvpn/ccd"
to /var/ipcop/openvpn/server.conf, but this dissapears if the settings are changed through the web interface.

Not a big issue as the settings a rarely changed if ever, just would be nice not to have to re enter this line if the settings are changed.


  • Olaf Westrik

    Olaf Westrik - 2013-07-23

    Activate the "Static IP" option under Advanced Server Options.
    Pretty straight forward and much easier.

    • Timberly Nitz

      Timberly Nitz - 2013-07-23

      I dont think this will do what I want. From what I can see this only gives me the option of a static IP. What I want to do is push an extra route to only certain clients (specifically the route to our voice vlan so I can do remote maintenance when required).

      • Olaf Westrik

        Olaf Westrik - 2013-07-24

        It does.
        client-config-dir is added to the conf file when selecting "Static IP".

        • Timberly Nitz

          Timberly Nitz - 2013-07-25

          Your right activating the static ip option does add client-config-dir.

          Works well, just need to keep in mind if I edit the remark or change the IP on a profile any custom routes etc I've added will be wiped.

  • Olaf Westrik

    Olaf Westrik - 2013-07-23
    • status: open --> pending
  • Olaf Westrik

    Olaf Westrik - 2013-12-14
    • status: pending --> closed

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