ipaudit "refused the connection"

bicado mah
  • bicado mah

    bicado mah - 2009-08-26

    Hi everyone,

    I install IPAudit on Debian 5.0.2 on a pc (tread: https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=3378240&forum_id=59302 ). With help from JRifkin I enabled the UserDir module and it works.

    Now when I try to install on the second pc, in the same way, I experience the following problem: when I go to http://195.178.xxx.xxx/~ipaudit/ (locally) I get message: "195.178.xxx.xxx refused the connection". But when I go to http://localhost/~ipaudit/ I can see the result.

    When I try to check http://195.178.xxx.xxx/~ipaudit/  from an other pc I get "The connection has timed out".

    I thing is a problem with the permission to read some files but how can I resolv the problem.

    Please help!

    Best regards,

    • Jon Rifkin

      Jon Rifkin - 2009-08-26

      Either Apache is not configured to listen on the external network, or you have a firewall blocking HTTP access.

      Try running this
         sudo netstat -ntap | grep apache
      Do you see something like this?
         tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      3503/apache2   
         tcp        0      0   *               LISTEN      3503/apache2 
      Notice the  That means Apache2 is listening on both the internal ( and external ( 195.178.x.x) network interface.  If you see this, and cannot reach your server from the network, then you must have a firewall on your network or on your host.

      If instead of you see, then Apache is configured to only listen on the internal interface.  Edit the Apache config files and change
      Similary for if it's present.

      • bicado mah

        bicado mah - 2009-08-26

        Thanks for the promt answer!

        I do not have installed a firewall on my host (I install Debian and all the needed programs in the same way like for the first pc) and I do not have any firewall on my network.

        When I run "your" command I get:
        tcp6   0    0    :::80    :::*   LISTEN    4835/apache2

        In the ports.conf file I have "LISTEN 80".

        I start to search after if I install by misstake a firewall on the host.

        Many thanks again!

        Best regards,

    • bicado mah

      bicado mah - 2009-08-26

      I find a misstake in the installation of Debian: I have install my network connection with static ip-address but the settings gone lose. I try to set them in the grafic interface for network settings and I lose them every time. Maybe I shell start to make them in command line.



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