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iPath Telemedicine Platform / News: Recent posts

iPath-Server 2.1-beta1 released

A first beta release of the new iPath-Server system is now available. This is the first release beased on the new SVN code repository.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2009-06-10

Moving to Subversion

The source code of the iPath project has been slightly reorganised and move to the SVN repository. The CVS Repository will no longer be maintained.

In the SVN repository, there are at the moment two parts: "server" and "tools"

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2009-01-04

version 2.0.6

a new stable version of iPath has been released - as platform independent source code as well as a xampp bundle for setup on windows.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2007-10-08

Vesrion 2.0.5 released

An important bug fix release fixing problems with some XSL stylesheets.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-12-06

new iPath-Server-2.0.tar.gz

The file released last week did not contain an updated sql for the creation of the database. also the CHANGELOG.txt was missing. Thus I re-released the iPath-Server-2.0.tar.gz ... please download again.
NOTE: the database file for postgres is not yet update. will come later!

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-04-22

iPath-2.0 released

Finally, iPath-2.0 is released.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-04-19

bug fix for easyPHP

Some problems for runnung iPath on easyPHP have been resolved and are packed into an intermediate release version 2.0rc6a. (in download section)

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-03-28

iPath-Server release candidate 6

Another release condidate on the way to a final iPath-2. The major change here is the xmlrpc module which has been reworked. Now there is one generic xmlrpc server (xmlrpc module) and other modules can publish xmlrpc functions through this server.

Additionally, the htmlarea module has been replace with the FCK editor. The editor itself is available as a separate addon module.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-03-20

iPath-Server release candidate 5

more bugfixes and a improved remote slide presentation module.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-02-13

iMic - a new microscope controller

Finally the new iMic microscope controller is release. this is written in Java (SWT) and already includes support for CoolScope. It also includes a "FractalScope" which can be used to play with the application if you do not have a CoolScope.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2006-01-09

iPath-2 release candidate 4

A new release candidate is out. This version fixes support for Postgres and MySQL 3.x databases, ADOdb session support (crypto session), PGP encrypted data export and many bugs and it is compatible with IIS webserver.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-11-29

new modules for iPath-2

I created a new file package called "modules" where I will upload add-on modules for iPath-2 server. A fist module integrates the htmlarea to easily edit the static pages on iPath.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-11-15

iPath-2 release condidate 2 is out

A new set of bug fixes and small extensions of iPath-2 has been released.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-08-10

CVS repository for iPath modules

I added a new CVS repository named "modules" which contains all the additional modules that are not bundeled with the base version of iPath-Server. At the moment there are the textslide module and the telemic module which re-implements the micresocope remote control from the old iPath-1.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-08-10

iPath-2 release condidate 1 is out

The first release candidate of the new iPath-2 telemedicine platform is out. This version is fully functional and we already use it for our active telepathology network on http://telepath.patho.unibas.ch

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-07-20

first pre-release of iPath-2

Finally a first alpha release of the new iPath-2 is ready for download. use it carefully, there are certainly some bugs. You can find the file in the download section.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-06-16

new iPath website

The iPath project has a new web site - please check out http://ipath.ch

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-05-19

iPath on Windows

There is a new release of iPath which includes a slightly modified version of XAMPP-lite for installing iPath on Windows. Simply download and unzip the "iPath-2-preview-xampplite.zip" file from the iPath-Server section. This also includes a preview version of the new iPath-2.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2005-03-30

new release of iPath-Server

The latest bugfixes and a few new features such as a slideshow mode for case presentations have been released as iPath version 0.7.2 - download can be found at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=27616&package_id=19636

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2004-11-12

iPath-Server 0.7

This is the final release of the existing version of iPath. There will be a lot of changes in the next version, however, this version will be kept and bug fixed until the next one is ready.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2004-03-26

Microscope Controller - new release

A new version (0.6.9) of the microscope controller has been released as a self installing windows applciation. The following microscopes are supported: non-motorized, Zeiss MCU26, Leica (SDK installed!), Olympus with LStep4 or ITK stage controllers.
New: The chat function is now also accesable directely from the Microscope-Controller.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2003-04-15

iPath-Server source code on Savannah

The development of iPath-Server has been compltetely moved to the "free software foundation". Source code is available on savannah:


Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2002-11-18

iPath-Server v0.6 released

Finally, version 0.6 of iPath Server is released. Most bugs should be eliminated and verison 0.6 seems to run stable with all features. Main advantage of v0.6 is support for custom forms and you can install it into an existing html tree. No need for vritaul hosts and no need to adapt httpd.conf or php.ini.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2002-08-24

Version 0.6 alpha

A next release series of ipath Server is being prepared. There are many differences, but mainly it has a new layout so it can be installed anywhere in the html tree now. Also a setup script will be created.

Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2002-07-12


The iPath branch of TeleMedMail has been romoved from the files collection. By now, iPath-Server can understand and import cases from the original TeleMedMail and the original has been released on sourceforge, too:


Posted by Kurt Brauchli 2002-06-26